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Governance in BEX is administered through the CrocPolicy contract. Within this contract, there are three several governance roles:

  • Operations
  • Treasury
  • Emergency

During the testnet, these roles are run by a Berachain Foundation controlled multi-sig wallet. At mainnet launch, these roles will be divided amongst DAO multi-sig wallets, and to BGT governance.


The operations role is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the BEX protocol, and has a more limited scope of powers compared to the other roles. Its powers include:

  • Enabling or disabling new pool types
  • Setting protocol fees
  • Set a minimum initial liquidity value for all new pools


The treasury role is the most privileged role within the BEX protocol. Its powers include:

  • All the powers of the operations role
  • Ability to upgrade BEX proxy contracts
  • Collecting accumulated protocol fees
  • Disabling or enabling the swap() hot path flag
  • Disabling or enabling safe mode, which freezes all user activities and funds


The emergency role has all of the powers of the operations role, including the ability to disable or enabling safe mode, which freezes all user activities and funds.