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Proof of Liquidity

Proof of liquidity (PoL) is a mechanism that rewards users for their liquidity contributions to the Berachain ecosystem through native chain rewards, $BGT. As the native dApp powering trading liquidity in the Berachain ecosystem, a number of BEX pools will be eligible for $BGT rewards.

Earning $BGT

The process for earning $BGT through BEX is as follows:

  1. Review the list of PoL-eligible BEX pools and select a desired pool Bex Gauge
  2. Deposit liquidity into the desired pool on Bex
  3. Stake the LP token returned from step 2 in the appropriate PoL gauge

The list of gauges for earning $BGT rewards can be seen here:

Whitelisting Pools for PoL Rewards

If you are a project that uses BEX for for your tokens' liquidity, you can apply to have your pool(s) whitelisted for $BGT rewards. This process is conducted through Berachain governance, requiring a proposal to be submitted and voted on by $BGT holders. More information will be provided on how to submit a proposal for whitelisting in the near future.